IMG_2183I’m Emily Elizabeth Duong. I’m a small-town girl, born and raised in Pennsylvania but currently residing in Southern California. Before pursuing my ultimate dream to move to the west coast, I was an elite-level competitive figure skater and USTA-ranked tennis player (top 30 Middle States and #1 in Central PA).

At the age of 16, I founded my first business called Elite Skate Wear, a full figure skating experience, from purchasing a custom skating dress, learning mindset tips for the sport, and engaging with the Elite Skate Wear skating community. This became my full-time hustle at the start of my Junior year in college.

Nowadays, you can find me working on my computer either at a quaint little coffee shop or on campus at Chapman University doing schoolwork. I’m all about work efficiency and productivity, so during those times, I’m typically very focused and my phone will be on do not disturb. When I’m not busy working behind my computer screen, I’m probably on the ice coaching or training, laying on the sand in Laguna Beach, or relaxing at home reading a book from my bedside table.

I love serving the world by giving back to my community with the knowledge I have and showing individuals, especially young females, that we too, can live a strategic and healthy lifestyle by simply making a decision to do so.

This is the world through my lens. Enjoy.


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