4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn

As life begins to slowly return to normal, many individuals who are seeking new jobs are finding new strategies to appeal to employers and recruiters. As I recognize how impactful my LinkedIn contributed to my job search success, I want to ensure I share the same tactics I used to improve my profile and appeal to recruiters.

Ultimately, one of the recruiters that reached out to me last Fall via LinkedIn is now my current job. Here are 4 ways you can improve your LinkedIn as well.

1: Write a brief story bio in your “about” section 
– There is something about storytelling that helps other people remember the information better and feel more inclined to pay attention. Rather than writing basic information like where you went to school, what you studied, and etc. (which anyone can figure out by looking at other parts of your profile), share a mini story about who you are. The story should speak more about your values, who you are at your core, and essentially what drives you. Aka the deeper stuff about who you really are. Feel free to view my profile and check out my bio here.

2: Include at least 5 major skills and have them endorsed by others
– Including skills on your profile is so vital, especially if/when you are applying for jobs through LinkedIn. Always make sure your profile includes those major skills you have because they will show up as keywords for recruiters and also when employers review your application. It’s also important to have colleagues/peers endorse those skills for credibility on your behalf and of course, always return the favor.

3: Ask for a recommendation by a previous manager, colleague, and/or classmate
– Recommendations are also crucial because it shows viewers what others see in you, whether as a colleague or as a previous boss.  For me, I currently have two recommendations; one from a previous classmate and one from a previous supervisor. This helps recruiters/employers have a better understanding of who you are outside of all the basic resume items.

4: Write thorough descriptions and bullet notes in each job role you had 
– A common mistake I notice that many individuals make on their LinkedIn profile is not taking the time to write clear descriptions of their role at their previous jobs. I prefer to use bullet notes (just like a resume) to communicate concisely what I contributed to the company/organization, as well as within my role. Below is an example of my personal job description of my “tutoring” job I had for 4 years in college:

◦ Promote new learning experience for students through coaching and mentoring techniques, enhancing capabilities that met or exceeded parents’ goals and expectations
◦ Providing coaching/tutoring service to children in key subjects, improving learning skills, and enriching value of their lives

LinkedIn is a growing platform for professional networking and job hunting and should be utilized as heavily as social media if you are starting out in the professional world and looking to get your foot in the door in a specific industry. Often times, just changing up your profile and making it more presentable and precise can do the trick in attracting more recruiters and employers to viewing your LinkedIn.

To my recent college grads and those hunting for a new job, wishing you all the best of luck. If you are looking for more detailed tips for interviewing, as well as custom resume templates, cover letters, and etc. then be sure to check out my career guide ebook, The Everyday Girl’s Guide to Career Success.


Emily Duong

Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Orange County, California. Emily Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, athlete, and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday lifestyle and healthy mindset.



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