How to Find The Most Suitable Fitness Routine (and LOVE it)

As a competitive athlete growing up, fitness has always been integrated into my life. Whether it was on the ice or on the tennis court, I was always doing some sort of physical activity for a few hours a day, which I miss…a lot. Since those years have passed and now I’m starting this “adulthood” life as a recent college graduate, I’ve had to learn how to be self-disciplined on my own with making time for my workouts and figuring out which types made me enjoy the fitness journey the most. I’ve shared a few of my personal tips on how I did it and which workouts I found best suitable for me.


Wearing VS Pink Sport

*Figure out what you love when it comes to working out
Is it the music? The people? The workout itself? All the above???

For me personally, I am a huge music fanatic so I love to listen to good house music during my workouts, whether it be on my own in the gym or in a workout class. When I discovered SoulCycle for the first time, a big part of why I fell in love with this particular place is because of the music being played while in class. The instructors essentially mix their own playlist and the studio becomes almost like a nightclub but for spin class. Not only that, but the fellow spin-goers are also there because they are motivated to be there, they want to push themselves–and you can feel that energy. The culmination of all that is what makes me LOVE working out at SoulCyle…it does truly feed my soul.

So whether you are trying to change up your current fitness habits or just getting into it, figure out what makes you love working out and do more of that. So it doesn’t have to be what everyone else does; whether that be running, pilates, yoga, spin…just do what works for you.

*Change up your routine and incorporate at least 2-3 different types of workouts


Wearing VS Pink Sport

Something I noticed with my body when I did Lagree (form of Pilates) too consistently was that my body started not to change/be affected by the workout as much. I used to do Lagree at a local studio in Orange County about 3-5x a week and only recently this past summer did I stop and change up my workout routine. I started to incorporate more HIIT workouts, both at the gym or just choosing a class that had more of that in the workout. Aside from Pilates, I typically do spin or even boxing! Other ways to change it up (for free) is to simply go on a run outside…something I definitely need to work on more. I used to be able to run a mile under 7 minutes with ease and now I know I definitely could not time myself or my self-esteem may plummet (lol). But because of that, it’s part of my motivation to get out and run a mile or two since I know it’ll have a big effect on my body.

So basically, my current workout routine is a mix between: SoulCycle, Pilates, Running, Long Walks (4-5 miles), and Gym Workouts. In a typical week, it’ll consist of two gym workouts, one running day, one long walk, and some sort of class at a studio.

*Make it a weekly habit 
My last personal tip is to simply make your workouts a weekly habit. I’d say daily, but I know that is much less attainable for most of us and I strongly believe that the key to keeping up with your fitness journey is actually making it attainable. When I was working on my fitness routine, I started by making it a consistent habit and one that I could actually keep up with. While I was still in college, I started at 3x/week and moved it up to 4x/week about two months after I had the three consistent already. Set a minimum that you HAVE to absolutely meet every week and prioritize that goal–so when you set a minimum, make sure it’s something you CAN commit to. It’s a lot better to choose 1-2x/week as a minimum and actually keep up with it every week + occasionally go over the minimum, instead of setting 3-4x/week and never being able to hit the goal every week.

Everyday small habits are the foundation and key to the overall success of your life. Start each day with a small win and keep making small wins throughout the day.


Emily Duong

Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Orange County, California. Emily Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, athlete, and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday lifestyle and healthy mindset.



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