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Best Podcasts for the Female Hustler

I started listening to podcasts around Fall 2017 and I instantly recognized how valuable and efficient it was for me because it often felt like I was listening to mini audio books on very niche topics. The golden podcast episode that shifted everything for me was from The Influencer Podcast with Lauryn Evarts as the guest. I’ll never forget when I was sitting in the aisle seat on my flight heading back to Southern California after Thanksgiving break and I was feeling in a deep rut, but this episode took me out of this rut completely (and I mean…drastically) to the point that I had a large rush of adrenaline, passion, and consistent motivation that has continued on to this day.

I still attribute a lot of my drastic mindset shifts, productive lifestyle, and daily hustle to my podcast listening habits, although I have been able to narrow down a select few that I only listen to on a weekly basis. I want to share this with you to perhaps give you a few new podcast shows to listen to, depending on the type of topics you enjoy learning about. My top recommended podcasts for the self-starter, female hustler are listed below 🙂

1. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher 
– Ironically, this was the first podcast I ever listened to and I have been hooked on this show ever since. Jenna delivers so much extensive value in everything she shares, from her personal tips/stories, her guests, and the free guides she gives away online. When listening to her speak, it’s very evident that she is passionate in what she does and the way she impacts and helps others improve their life from personal relationships, business, wealth, and more. She is also a huge advocate for female entrepreneurs and growing a strong foundation of a community, rather than focusing on profit, money, and all that short-term stuff. Another big thing I love about her is that she is definitely more of a logical, rational, and practical Type A female (like myself and a lot of key entrepreneurs), so I love that she is candid about this fact too and shares why thinking a certain way in business is very important.

2. The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick
– As mentioned in the beginning, Lauryn’s guest episode on The Influencer Podcast was a hugeeeeee turning point for me and changed the trajectory of my mindset and passion in life. I discovered Lauryn and The Skinny Confidential brand through this podcast episode actually, so ever since then (around Nov 2017), I became a fan and started following her. Her podcast show is in conjunction with her husband and business partner Michael Bosstick, who is also someone I admire because of the way he holds himself professionally and mindfully (tbh, I think he’s an ENTJ like me lmfao). Their show focuses on topics surrounding health and wellness, life productivity, entrepreneurship, and also “taboo” topics because they really go out of the norm on what they talk about on the show. Because the show is rather explicit (which is funny), I’d only recommend this if you’re at least in college because it can get a little more in the “adult” talks.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show with Tim Ferriss
– This show is definitely geared more towards any entrepreneur; male or female. I personally love this specific one because Tim Ferriss is someone I admire and look up to in the way he thinks, acts, and talks about his way of life. He has written a lot of bestselling books for entrepreneurs and in the business genre in general, such as The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. His guests are always so phenomenal and have such wise and tactical strategies to share, in which I’ve applied a lot that I’ve learned on this podcast in my own personal and business life. To be really honest, this podcast might seem more dry if you are not a big fan of listening to really “technical” and extensively informative podcasts, because this one is surely one of those and I could imagine a lot of my fellow female babes getting bored of him talking. Nonetheless, I enjoy listening to this podcast because I find it very rational, practical, and strategic towards all aspects of life.

4. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
– Clearly from the title, this podcast is heavily focused on online marketing and anything within that scope. This show is very niche and specific in the information it provides, but as a dual business owner and content creator, I have found the information very useful and even applied some tactics to my own business, especially the episode (like really far back) on how to increase revenue by 10% in your business. This podcast is definitely great for my fellow female hustlers out there who are focused on starting a business and/or building a business/brand. She is very well-known in her industry and also evidently passionate about what she does and shares to her community.

5. The Tony Robbins Podcast with Tony Robbins 
– Another show that is definitely geared more towards an “older” crowd, perhaps mid to late 20’s and older, but as someone who loves to listen and consume content from more experienced people in their field (Tony Robbins has been in this life coaching career for over 30+ years), I have found so much value in listening to his episodes and interviews with guests, especially with Olympic athletes and notable businessmen like Ray Dalio (his book “Principles” is one of my top favorites). This show doesn’t share episodes consistently like most, but whenever an episode is shared, there is so much value and Tony Robbins focuses his topics surrounding the approaches to life, relationships, and fulfillment, along with business aspects. My greatest takeaway from this podcast and learning from Tony Robbins so far is how similar the approach to business and life is, in which I have utilized in both areas of my life.

Other noteworthy podcasts that I listen to (not as consistently) or have listened to in the past and have taken great value in:
– The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon
– Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller
– The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
– Beyond Influential with Brittany Krystle

And of course, if you didn’t know yet, I also have a podcast myself called Young & Ambitious with my co-host Siena Mirabella. Listen to our latest episode on the player below and be sure to subscribe on iTunes and Spotify if you want to hear more 🙂

Let me know what other podcasts you recommend, I’m always open to giving new ones a try!


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