Best Coffee Shops in Orange County

Okaaaay so I think it’s kinda obvious by now that I am a huge coffee shop fan. It’s always super helpful to know of good locations to be able to get work done at and sip on some bomb coffee because well, working from my apartment isn’t the most fun thing ever, despite the perks of being able to choose your own hours. I recently wrote a post on my favorite spots in San Diego because I’m a hugeeee fan of those places, but I figured it’d be helpful too to write about my favorites in Orange County, where I am actually based. 

1. Morning Lavender – Tustin 
So I must say, this one is kinda my favorite because of how big the space is and the different products they offer. I’m a fan of their matcha drinks and lavender (hint hint) and most definitely the vegan donuts. Whenever I’m here, I typically bring my laptop IMG_2262and other handy gear to study, work on my business, or create content. The space is very light and floral-y with a lot of indoor and outdoor seating options. The outdoor seating/patio is super open with gorgeous tables and decoration, so perfect for some photo ops too (for all my IG gurus). 

2. Coffee Dose – Costa Mesa
Alright, so this one is also one of my favorites and also from what I can tell, a fan favorite for those in OC. Although it’s a really small space–in fact, it’s in a place combined with a hair salon (but it’s super cool, I promise), the aesthetic remains perfect and catchy. Especially their pink glowing neon “Bad Habits” sign, which is definitely perfect for the Insta 😉 The drinks are on the more expensive side (unfortunately), but not your typical drink you’d fine at your average coffee place. They offer different lattes, as well as matcha drinks, in which I usually go for the Mary Matcha. Although they do have WiFi, I’m not sure if it’s reallyyyy the best place to try to bring your laptop to get work done, although I have done it once. All the seating is outside, with 2-3 tables in the front and three tables in the back patio area, where they also have a huge wall art saying, “Sit Down. Be Humble”, so if it’s warm outside, it’s probably not the easiest to do work on a computer. But, I’d definitely recommend this place as a go-to spot to hang and catch up with friends!

3. The Social Costa Mesa
Another spot in Costa Mesa! And also literally only 2-3 minutes from Coffee Dose, heck yeahhhh. So technically, this place is mainly a comfy lounge workplace with the coffee shop (Thunder Coffee) being next door. This place I definitely go for the aesthetic and the Processed with VSCO with a6 presetsense of quiet and peace it offers in there. The look of the place has this rustic cozy feel and also features a gorgeous glowing sign (Good Vibes Only) that is another perfect capture for the IG. There’s a good amount of seating, with mainly a big couch, other comfy chairs, and a few big tables and desks. Definitely a workplace vibe, but a relaxing cozy one.

4. Daydream Surf Shop – Costa Mesa
Haha so I guess last but not least, another place in Costa Mesa (sorry, I guess they do have really fun hidden gems). This one is actually like really hidden though, like you have to dig and find it if you accidentally drive past it because it’s not as easily visible. But the inside is soooo dreamy and features various surfboards, apparel for purchase, and more. It’s also kind of a casual lounge-y place too because of how laidback it feels, but I’ve been able to get some work done here a few times. The coffee I tried was pretty strong, so be ready to feel super buzzed after a few sips (lol). 

All my four favorites and go-to spots in Orange County! Let me know if you guys have tried any before or have any other recommendations in the area 🙂


Emily Duong

Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Orange County, California. Emily Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, athlete, and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday lifestyle and healthy mindset.



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