How to Create Time for Important Sh*t

For most of us at this college age, we tend to feel overwhelmed with life because of the “million” things going on. With taking a crazy course load, being involved in sororities/fraternities/clubs, figuring out what to do with your life, while figuring out if that frat boy likes you…yeah I understand that overwhelming feeling. And I guess I could say, I may have been lucky enough to figure it out early on in college to learn how to manage and prioritize my time wisely. 

One of my best tips for creating time for the important shit is utilize a planner. Yes, even for guys! For girls, I think we are typically more into this, because well…having a chic and aesthetically pleasing planner is just so fun, isn’t it? But utilizing it is the real key. I’m talking writing out a to-do list for each day so you know which is most important to complete before diving into your free time (yeah, I know we all like to Netflix and all). And especially during the semester, I find it helpful to write down when my classes are taking place so I can physically see what I have time to do in between, including availability for part-time jobs/internships, lunch/coffee with friends, appointments, and etc. Also, in my honest opinion, I just think this helps us prepare more for the “real adult” world because of how we can understand the importance of creating a clear structure of our day, instead of just “going with the flow” and losing the time to be able to get sh*t done.

On top of utilizing a planner, I also like to use it to plan far in advance. Tbh, since I genuinely enjoy planning out my schedule, I like to plan out the upcoming week during the week before, usually towards the end (like Friday or Saturday). Again, this helps with creating and visualizing where you have time to make plans for meetings, dates, workout sessions, and etc. Because if I’m being honest, I plan my workouts 1-2 weeks in advance and if I’m feeling really extra, I’ll try to plan it for the month.

Another great tip I learned from Lauryn Evarts (her blog is The Skinny Confidential) is batching work. For example, instead of writing a blog post once a week and simply posting it the same week, I’ll take a day and plan out a time block of maybe 2-3 hours to just sit down and write to plan content for a few weeks or for the month, instead of just one week. This kind of strategy is really helpful for those who are building any kind of business/side hustle/blog/etc because it helps you be more productive with your time and less scatter-minded. As great as multi-tasking is, it’s not the most functional or productive if we are trying to nail down a specific task on our to-do list. Our brain can focus much better on one specific task and utilize less energy than switching between tasks multiple times.

This one is one we’ve alllll heard, but it’s true and an easy fix. Put your phone down. And if you have trouble, then put it on airplane mode or do not disturb mode. Every time I put my phone on “do not disturb”, my mind feels so much more at peace and I tend to forget why I would need to reach for it to check for nonsense anyways. I’m currently in practice of only utilizing my phone as a tool; for example, checking emails, searching something on google, creating and posting content (for business marketing and my personal brand), and anything within that realm. Nothing bothers me more than being around someone that is always on their phone because tbh, I feel like I’m wasting my time then. When I am in conversation or connecting with another person, I tend to not have my phone near me at all and by the time I am done connecting with that person, it feels soooo refreshing that I did not touch my phone for hours, or sometimes for the entire day. Fun fact: I went an entire weekend without charging my phone because I was spending the weekend with my S.O. and touched my phone maybe a total of 4 times. Feels great, and I’d highly recommend it.

Lastly…choose what you want to do with your life. I mean, literally make that choice for yourself on how your everyday life will look like. Just because a friend or group of friends is going to a “Kappa Alpha Beta Psi Gamma” party, doesn’t mean you need to go. And especially if you have that gut feeling inside that you really just don’t care to go and would rather spend your time doing something else, then fucking do it!! At that point, you’re the only one stopping yourself and that’s on you, not the people who “dragged” you out. I’ve had my fair share of great moments at parties, bars, and clubs, but that doesn’t mean I always have to go. Realize how valuable time is and audit yourself to see where you truly allocate your time. When you have the guts to stand as an individual on your own, you’ll have the confidence to do anything you want in life. And that’s a guarantee.


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