The Best Coffee Spots in San Diego

This past year, I’ve done a lot of back and forth traveling to San Diego and I must say I frickin’ loveeee the place. It’s pretty much a more laidback, conservative version of Los Angeles with also more of a beach vibe I suppose. Nonetheless, I’ve grown to love the city and all the niche spots to do my work at, which some of you have asked about, so I decided to write a full recommendation post on my favorite coffee spots in SD! (and definitely IG worthy too, of course) 

1. Better Buzz Encinitas 

Speaking about beach vibes, this coffee shop is right dab in the town of Encinitas that has such a laidback beach hip vibe, but the coffee shop is just the perfect aesthetic. I was originally drawn to this coffee spot because of its layout and of course IG-worthy photos, but after being here a million times, I can easily say it’s my favorite coffee shop in all of Southern California. And it’s for two reasons: their actual product/service (highly recommend “best drink ever”) and my ability to get shit done! I mean, I could literally just work on my laptop there for hours and not get distracted or bored. It’s amazing and the vibes here are also incredible. (photos of the shop are in the featured photo, first and second photo)

2. Communal Coffee
This spot is also one of my favorites, although it’s just a little more south if you’re coming from up North. Also a great spot for photos, probably a prime one for a lot of bloggers and creatives with all the beautiful flowers and seating inside and outside. In terms of their drinks, nothing truly stood out to me, although I haven’t tried everything on the menu yet. But, this place does offer flower arrangements, cards, candles, chic accessories, and all that good stuff for purchase! And of course, also a great spot to do work at, although definitely always students and young professionals working there as well. (photo of outside is third photo on featured)

3. Better Buzz Hillcrest
So I am already a huge fan of the coffee from Better Buzz, but this location is also an awesome spot for photos and getting work done. Located near Communal Coffee, the space is huge and modern-looking with a lot of “modern workspace” vibes. It is indeed bigger than its sister shop (in Encinitas) because it recently opened in 2018 and their products/service are just the same! Because it is bigger, it is typically more crowded with more seating area for lounging, coffee dates, and workspace if you are there to get work done.

4. Holy Matcha
This one is technically not a “coffee” shop, but I suppose it could be considered in the same category (ish). Now I must say, this spot probably wins on “girly” aesthetics and reminds me a bit of the Beverly Hills Hotel color scheme with the pink and green. If you want to get an idea, check out their IG @holymatchaa and you’ll definitely understand the vibes. If you’re a matcha lover, you’ll definitely love this place and their treats are also phenomenal (especially for gluten-free peeps). And if you haven’t tried matcha yet and you’re in San Diego or stopping by soon, then I’d definitely recommend giving this place a try because the benefits of matcha are incredible! Such as…delivering antioxidants, boosting metabolism, detoxifies your body, and much more! P.S. Candice Kumai (@candicekumai) is the queen of all matcha, so head to her IG and podcast to hear more! 


Hope this gave some new ideas for my SoCal coffee shop gurus and for anyone traveling to San Diego in the future! Comment below and let me know your thoughts or if you have any recommendations!


Emily Duong

Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Orange County, California. Emily Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, athlete, and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday lifestyle and healthy mindset.




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