What if I Didn’t Join a Sorority…?

It’s the beginning of August and Fall is right around the corner. For most people, that means returning back to school, whether that is high school, college, etc. For the college kids like myself, that usually includes sorority/fraternity rush, tailgates, welcome-back parties, and so much more. Three years ago, I decided I would go through sorority recruitment, but what I did not know was what to expect from it.

I was lucky enough to have a really smooth rush process, because the moment I met Candy (as pictured with me above) at a pre-recruitment sorority mixer, I instantly knew we would be great friends (and personally, I predicted she would be my “big”). As cliche as it sounds, I really did meet my college best friend on day 1 and had I not chosen to rush, I most likely would not have met her in the same manner that would have brought us so close. But also, to be clear, I am not here to advocate for “sorority rush” and all that shit because I am truly very like “meh” about Greek life now, but I have to be honest about where and how some of my best friendships started.

If you’re familiar with sorority life, then you know that everyone eventually has a “big” sister and sometimes it’s interpreted as corny and kind of has no meaning to it, but sometimes, it can also be really meaningful and you may end up with an amazing friendship like mine. Well, if you couldn’t guess, Candy became my “big” (although sometimes we cringe at that term now lol) and we were quite inseparable in college. The best moments were the late night Sprinkles run with the deep convos about life and what we were going to do with ourselves once we were done with school, or better yet, deciding after the Sprinkles run to go and do something we were not supposed to do during recruitment: attend a fraternity rush party (haha whoops fine me now). Or the random LA adventures to aesthetically pleasing cafes and restaurants, because who doesn’t love having a best friend that has the same taste and to take photos from the best angle for you?

I guess as much as I kind of hate sorority life or think it’s a waste of time, I made a smart decision in rushing as a Freshman and being able to meet my college best friend right off the bat. Because I’ll be honest, it did make a huge difference in my experience at my old university where we both attended and is still a difference in not having her with me at my current school, now that she’s graduated and in the big-girl world across the country. But I guess a fun perk of her living in the big apple is that our new playground is New York City every time I’m visiting on the East Coast.

Sometimes the best life experiences come out of nowhere and you end up meeting people in places you didn’t expect yourself to be in the first place. And sometimes, you may end up meeting that “sister” you never had.

Oh and I guess if you’re wondering which sorority, it was Delta Gamma 🙂


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