A Day in Laguna

Laguna Beach is by far one of my favorite spots in Southern California and personally my favorite beach! The vibe here is always relaxing and feels like a getaway, but really it’s a fifteen minute drive from where I live!

The other day I had a super quick shoot here with a good photographer friend named Emma Faukner. I really enjoy working with her on projects and shoots because our goals align when it comes down to getting a shoot done. We don’t want to do it simply for photos for our portfolio or blog, but rather, for the fun-filled adventure and experience that comes with it. It’s genuinely amazing meeting new people who enjoy doing things for the natural thrill of it, rather than what it appears like to others.Ironically, on the day of this shoot I had a lot going on for me, mentally and emotionally. It’s interesting how easy it is to create different emotions in photos, while feeling a certain way on the inside. I actually tried to reflect the way I was feeling with the “blues” by wearing all blue denim, which turned out well in the photos.

But the biggest lesson I learned this day is that find whatever makes you happy and go with it. Let that passion drive you towards the happiness you deserve, the happiness we all deserve. And this passion of mine involves adventure. Any kind of adventure, whether it’s just driving down to PCH for an afternoon in Laguna, or flying across the world to Europe to see my best friend. Whatever it is, I know that adventure somehow always brings me this thrill that leaves me wanting more.

Check out a few photos from the shoot! xx

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